Anima is a Latin word meaning Soul


Please Help Us To Help The Children By Making A Donation:
Banking detail: ANIMA THERAPY CENTRE, ABSA Hermanus, 406-944-4778 004-172 NPO

ANIMA is a child development intervention centre – SHARING THE GROUNDS OF THE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, BERGSIG STREET, SANDBAAI, HERMANUS Anima – in Latin means ” the soul”.

Anima is a private remedial therapy centre catering for children in the Overstrand Region with developmental delay caused by brain damage, Down -, Angelman , Autism & other Syndromes.

Many children in the local communities cannot cope within the mainstream schooling environment, yet do not need to be institutionalized.
These children need more individualized, one-on-one, specialized, therapy based schooling.

ANIMA’s aims are to optimize children with serious developmental disabilities.
Every child will be evaluated and a personalised learning program will be developed for each individual.
These children are to learn life and social skills, enabling them to be self sufficient & accepted by Society.

‘ The ” graduate ” children ( 18 or 19 years of age ) will remain members of the ANIMA centre and have the possibility to join workshops & skill development programs.
A permanent home and accommodation centre is a future venture.

ANIMA’s facilities consists of, four classrooms, a kitchenette, a staff cloaks & a children’s bathroom.
Play spaces, jungle gym & swimming pool. Two classrooms are still under construction and donations will be used to complete these & acquire more therapy & teaching equipment.

Anima is registered as a non-profit organization ( NPO ) & can provide a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

There are some children who’s parents cannot afford our minimal school fees and who need your help.
Any additional funds raised would also be used to subsidize our children whose parents cannot afford the full fee & additional costs ( swimming classes, horse riding, educational outings etc.)

To those of you who have helped us in the past, thank you for your continued support.
Looking forward to your consideration.

Kindest regards
Ronél & Andrew Greeff